Robyn Leenay Banks 21
Philly, Yeadon, D[M]V
College Educated: UMES Junior
Modern Day Mary Jane. My favorite F's: Food, Fucking, Fashion & Females Too. I Smoke It By The Pound & Blow It By The O . I Love Make Up, Tattoos & Piercings . Welcome To My Tumblr Bitchesssssss

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  • fuck-yourstandards:

    In high school ya gotta learn that if you’re late you might as well be hella late and go have some breakfast or some shit

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    • me as a pedestrian: [catwalks slowly across street as 90 cars pile up behind each other trying to turn; throws modelesque glance backwards over designer shades] [car inches into crosswalk] HOW DARE YOU COME WITHIN FIVE FEET OF ME!? I HAVE THE FUCKING RIGHT OF WAY??? SEE YOU IN COURT YOU CAPITALIST, PLANET-DESTROYING SCUM
    • me driving: say your prayers

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how much is this in dollars?




    what do you call a sunburnt penis


    Kyle this is the worst

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    #CantFuckWithUs w/ my bish @rae_rae___
    Sounds about right. It many of us but it’s plenty of these personalities & traits.
    A Too Turnt Night s/o to @springtime_love & @flighttobrizill for the turn up
"Personal Trainer" - Industrie Magazine #7

Blunts and beers #WakeandBake
    Blunts and beers #WakeandBake


    horoscope app: today u gonna #stunt on these hoes
    me: damn….das tru

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